Where can you buy San Marzano Tomatoes in the UK? – Autumn 2015 update

A few readers have pointed out that the most common stockists of canned San Marzano tomatoes in the UK are nearly all marked out of stock.  I believe this is a seasonal issue, and will change over the coming weeks.  But I’m sorry to say – this does look like a drought.

However – if you look hard you can still get them – if you buy bulk or bigger cans. I suspect the most cost-effective outlets will have stock within 2 weeks.

You can buy 24 tins of San Marzanos for £45 from NifeIsLife, or 2.55kg catering tins from Mediterranean Direct (£9). Finally, you can buy double size tins (800g) of Strianese brand San Marzano tomatoes from Lina Stores for £1.75 + delivery.  However they only have 4 cans left in stock as of today.  Wow.

But you should also consider low stock turnover sources, such as your local Italian deli – they may well not run out of stock during late Autumn.  Finally, ask your deli how suitable their tomatoes are for making pizza sauce.  I find the top quality Italian deli tomatoes to be pretty good, even if they are no substitute for the excellence of San Marzano DOP.

News Update: 12th December 2015: Just in time for Christmas, Lupa Foods have both their 12 cases of 400g tins, and single 400g cans of San Marzano tomatoes back in stock! And once again you can also get the 12 x 400g tin case from Amazon. Though Vorrei and others are still; out of stock.



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I'm an enthusiastic amateur "scientific" cook and baker, and former scientist, and I like to bring scientific thinking to my cooking: thinking about what might be happening at a chemical or biological level during food preparation (including its growth, and preservation), and applying exact methods of mass and volume to core recipes, before varying them. I use an accurate weighing scale (to 0.1g). I like growing my own herbs, constructing my own raised beds, and constructing my own wood-fired pizza oven. I bring a certain level of OCD to the kitchen, and therefore my baking includes sourdough, and my pizza-making includes "reference" to the protected specifications for true pizza. If I can source "the right" ingredients for a dish, I will at almost any length (within reason) - before I find an equivalent in-country supplier. Therefore - if you've never eaten Lancashire cheese bought at Bury market near Manchester - you've never eaten Lancashire cheese. I'm going to try to include links to the same products I use in my blog, so my readers don't end up using sub-standard alternatives - "experimental replication" is key to scientific cooking. I was born in the North of England, but I live in the South, though I would prefer to live on an island in the Ionian Sea.
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